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How to refund, replacement?
Return policy
From the date of receipt of the product, the consumer may choose to return, exchange or repair if there is a malfunction.
During the warranty period, repair twice (referring to the product’s safety performance failure and the performance of the fault twice, excluding the repair of other quality problems), still can not normally use the product (referring to product safety performance or use Performance does not meet the requirements of product standards or do not have the public recognized as the product should have the use of performance), free of charge with valid documents for consumers to exchange the same specifications of the product.
Within the validity of the Three Guarantees, in line with the conditions of replacement, the seller for the same type with the same specifications of the product, consumers do not want to exchange other models, specifications and product returns, the seller should be returned; the same model, with the specifications of the product , Consumers do not want to exchange and return requests, the seller should be returned, the products have been used according to the required standard to consumers depreciation fee.
If the above provisions conflict with the relevant state laws and regulations, the law shall prevail.

Return process
Not delivery, please bring all proof of purchase, direct contact with the purchase of the store for return, replacement.
Has been delivered or has been used, contact the store to buy the return request, for man-made products, packaging, depreciation, will be charged the appropriate loss.





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