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Company Vision: To be a respected world-class enterprise

Core Value: Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees and create benefits for the community

Enterprise Mission: Committed to providing a more considerate and comfortable breast feeding experience for mothers

Core Competencies: Innovative technology,Innovative talent,superior culture,brand influence

Business Philosophy: Focus on mother, whole-hearted service

Strategic Guideline: Develop due to youth, survive for customers, strengthen by innovation

Management Philosophy: Customer-oriented, integrity-based ,service winning,quality first

Marketing Culture: Our service is not only for the recognition of customers, but also for the success of customers





Our Culture: The Basis of Survival, the Standard of Non-compliance, the Guidelines of Conduct, the Banner of Organization, the Impetus for Development, and the Soul of Enterprises.


The core values: and shareholders, customers, employees, the interests of all sectors of society, to achieve a total win-win situation, harmonious development.


Specific requirements and values ​​of the embodiment: Shareholders: mutual benefit and win-win return value. Customer: Honest and trustworthy, service-oriented. Staff: Two-way loyalty, grow together. Society: Serving the public and rewarding society. Peer: civilized competition, and different. Company: Internal and external Shun, to create brilliant.


Enterprise Mission: Committed to provide the public with high-tech green energy products and services.


Core Competencies: Strive to establish core competencies in business development, customer service, management mechanism, high technology, capital utilization and human resources.


Operating principles: market-oriented, efficiency first, management practices, operating sound.


Entrepreneurship: arduous pioneering spirit, the spirit of professionalism and dedication, loyalty dedication, integrity of the Founding Spirit, unity and cooperation, learning innovative spirit.


Corporate style: sound, harmonious, pragmatic and united.


Robustness requires that all aspects of the company be regulated, healthy, and continuous. Harmony is the harmony among people, the harmony between inside and outside, the harmony between above and below, the harmony between process and result, the harmony between recent and long term. Harmony is a tacit understanding, a state, a force, an excellence, an efficiency. Pragmatic is seeking truth from facts, pragmatic style, modest and cautious, hard work. In the work to tell the truth, a real trick, do practical things, and seek actual results. Unity is the company up and down with the latest cooperation model and equity system, so that all people work together to achieve common goals, work hard and create greater glories. Harmony, work hard, love and dedication, loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness, stable operation, help each other, the pursuit of excellence.


Management System: Corporate Governance Structure - Structure of Equity Ownership Company Decision System - Strategic Management Human Resource System - Credit Management


Management philosophy, unity and unity of the harmonious team, in good faith and pragmatic customer service.


Customer-oriented, service win. Business-centric, market-oriented.


Seeking benefits from management, to manage to benefit. Rapid and effective development, steady and law-abiding business.


Marketing Culture: Company and staff are cooperative relations, business and business is a win-win situation of mutual benefit.


Treat the same industry, humble and studious, Bocaizhongchang, reflect the personality, the establishment of the brand.


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