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ZIMEITU --- a maternal and child products brand, based on its perfect personality concept and comfortable body feeling, provides more perfect baby feeding. ZIMEITU , the brand is committed to build high-end breast pump and other infant products, located in the maternal and newborn products market. Brand name originated in China, combined with noble purple, and lovely rabbit pattern as a foil, a symbol of hope and wishes of children.

The development and production of maternal and infant products supplies originated from the dream and pioneering spirit and excellent team. In 2005, Ruihung company, specializing in OEM finishing. Not only as a pump OEM company,but also in the operation as a brand appeared in various channels and networks. At present, Rui Hong has opened up a wider sales and service channels, to create more comfortable experience and service for customers. The company is customer oriented, honest and trustworthy, service winning, quality refinement management concept, more efforts to serve the community, hoping to work with you hand in hand to create a better future.




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